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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Second trimester... Done! Welcome third trimester!

Whew! We got the update this week, and everything is progressing normally. Our surrogate, GT, is in good health. She even sent us a message that she is "praying for us". She is really a lovely lady. We will send her another card in a few weeks. I'm trying to be in her shoes and try to feel how "hard or easy" it would be for her after the birth of the twins. I'm sure it will not be easy, but time will help. Her two kids are lucky to have her (making this sacrifice for their future is quite a noble act).

Now, reality is sinking in fast... We have to start preparing for the twins -- Gotta contact the US Embassy about DNA testing and sending the test kit; figure out a place to stay (relatively cheaper and a less chaotic place to stay); figure out the budget for the trip. We are lucky that we'll have some hand-me-downs from friends -- one crib, double strollers, two baby bjorns, and some old baby clothes. My sister will give some of my one-year old niece's clothes, too. Don't know if the expense in shipping them from Down Under is worth it, or we'll just buy new ones. We need a checklist!

One scary issue that came up this week (which I read from one of the blogs) was the recent "enforcement" of rule in India that clearly discriminates against same sex couples and single parent. We and others might encounter troubling issues about our tourist visa when it's time to bring the twins home. It is probably not surprising that the Indian Ministry has suddenly started "enforcing" an anti-same sex or single parent discrimination about commissioning surrogacy in India. Although we seem to be not affected by this at this time, it is hard to be confident that in a few months, there will not be a "new" rule or another form of discrimination against same sex parents introduced by the Indian government. We just hope that the government will not succumb to bigotry and homophobia.

I'm already dreading the possible bureacratic nightmare in April/May.... Crossing my fingers that nothing drastic will happen. Below are the new scans.

Twin 1

Twin 2


  1. Congrats on the "boring" pregnancy! Great pics...

    1. Thanks! We hope to get another 3D scan.

  2. Ugh - we're getting so concerned about FRRO too. The next few weeks/months will be very interesting!

    We actually just switched where we're going to stay. I should have a longer post about it up soon, but we're changing from Svelte to an apartment in Kailash through Tulip. It's much cheaper, has more space, and I think it will feel less like living in a hotel for 3 weeks (which isn't appealing to us, particularly one attached to a gigantic mall). But that's for us - we'll let you know how it goes!

    Good luck!!

    1. Oh - and congrats on the scans. :-)

    2. Hi John, we are debating whether we should stay next to the mall (Svelte) or get an apartment in Kailash Colony. We booked to be in Delhi for 6 weeks, too, so staying in a hotel will be too expensive. There's Apt 18, Tulip or India Luxury Homes to choose. One of the apartments we heard had roaches, but can't remember which one. Keep us posted about your adventure. Thanks!

  3. Congratz for this scan !! :) It's always a great emotion to receive it !
    We understand your concern ! We are in the same situation. Our twins are expected for April-Mai also and we are afraid by this enforcement of rules. Juste wait !
    We'll staying at "thestay-inn bed&breakfast" it is a little far but there are a garden and it is not so expensive. We have to stay more then 6 weeks I guess...

    Good luck Guy's ! and see you in Delhi ;)

    1. Thanks. We are also staying for 6 weeks so we are leaning towards renting an apartment. We are still on the apartment-hunting mode. We'll check out The Stay Inn, since you mentioned it. Our stay at India Luxury Homes was pretty good last August, so we are also considering B&B, but with twins, it might not be too ideal. I'll keep you posted.