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We have embarked on a life-long journey to become a family. In June 2013, we have brought home two beautiful babies. Our family is now complete and our marriage formally recognized by state and federal laws.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

earthquakes, meltdown, and more

It has been weeks since we arrived in Delhi. A lot has happened around the world. NZ passed marriage equality bill (see amazing vid), we felt the earthquake in New Delhi (although the epicenter was in the Pakistan border), Boston was terrorised (and finally healing from it), and our twins had their first meltdown a few days ago.

We opted not to hire a nurse helper as we wanted to bond with the babies. Yes, it's not easy for two guys with two premature twins, but so far we are managing. We are doing 12-hr shifts -- day for me, night for my partner. We get at least 7 hrs sleep per day doing this. The routine is broken ocassionally (e.g. visit to the embassy, doctor's appointments, and food shopping), which also disrupts our sleep, but it's not too bad overall. I cook dinner that lasts for a couple of nights, and for variety, we order take-away once in a while. The only boring part is lunch -- eating cereals because it is easy and quick, in order to do a bit of work and transition to our shift.

The twins are slowly growing and gaining weight. Our girl is about 5.5 lbs and our boy is about 4.5 lbs. They have a very different personality but somewhat similar temperament when it comes to feeding time. I want my milk now!!! From my previous post about our desperate hunt for pre-NAN, we were able to get 9 cans from a small pharmacy in R-Block market (the R-Block market is basically a strip of 5 stores and not like the huge M-Block market). We will start switching our girl to Organics brand next week.
Pensive girl? Or just being cute?

I'm the cute boy! Please don't disturb me.
Anyway, we met several straight couples from various countries. Two couples had triplets by having two surrogates (F&L, T&R), and the others had twins like us (D&D from Chicago, our dear friends Johan and Linda). T&R are from California and were very kind to have their preemie diapers swapped for our newborn diapers. We are glad to have met these lovely people and their babies, and very grateful for their kindness. We share a common bond through surrogacy, so it is quite uplifting to meet everyone here in New Delhi.