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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Going back, but moving forward

We are approaching 19 weeks. It's still scary as things could still go wrong. I believe that the "bleeding" experience really traumatized me and my partner. Yes, it's somewhat normal to have a bleeding in the course of a normal pregnancy, but we were really scared because we actually had a single fetal reduction (SFR) 10 days before the bleeding occurred. As you can see on the image, we had 3 gestational sacs (see below).

I have been quite liberal and very progressive as far as I remember. Nothing, however, prepares anyone for an SFR. The experience made me realize how hard it would be for a woman to make the decision to terminate her pregnancy. In today's politics (well, actually since the GOP has called themselves "righteous"), I am absolutely baffled why the GOP thinks and treats women as if like they go to a "salon" (so to speak) for an abortion. Notwithstanding, our experience was emotionally taxing. We held a ceremony with several friends to say goodbye to our third baby.

Goodbye my precious one! We thank you for your sacrifice....

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