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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Our Surrogacy Experience

I guess, eventually, I would have to do this... Well, today is the day! I was inspired by many intended parents (gays and straights) to share the experiences that my partner and I are going through right now.

Like some of the blog posts I've seen online, we have a common bond -- surrogacy! Surrogacy Centre India (SCI) is the clinic that we ended up choosing after many online researches.

Anyway, we are now 18 weeks with twins. We had a "bleeding" scare just over week 14 that lasted for a whole nerve-wracking one week. This was a real emotional rollercoaster for my partner and me. We were not prepared for it! We both got depressed and waited for the worse news. Needless to say, one bump on the road, and hopefully no more ahead!

While we are still at a stage where things could go wrong and lose the twins, we are cautiously optimistic that they will come and will be in good health in April 2013. Based on our nuchal translucency scans, we think we will have a boy and a girl. Here are the scans.

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